Saturday, 27 March 2010


So the rain is actually heaving down today, but im kinda liking it. The sound always seems to relax me, and despite moaning about frizzy hair, soggy feet and the like, i do love it.

Today's feeling a little odd. Kind of feels like being in the eye of a storm. The past week or two have been horrible, mainly down to stuff at uni. Just one thing after the other after the other.
But the resulting crying episodes and general hopelessness just aren't getting me anywhere. So i'm on a mission to try and bring back the spark and hopefully, i can move forward and get things going in the right direction.
We'll see how that goes...

- ooo i swear i just heard thunder just now! -

So the weekend plan? Work my butt off! Im in the process of playing around with website designs for my Book 77 Magazine website! It's going quite well so far. Mismatching, awkward, kooky, eccentric.



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