Sunday, 21 February 2010

Twisted Burlesque

Paolo Roversi for Another Magazine S/S 2010.
Model - Guinevere Van Seenus
Stylist - Olivier Rizzo

I love love love this shoot! Its gorgeous! The colours and tones, the lighting, the location and the BEAUTIFUL lingerie!
As Olivier describes it, "The idea was twisted, burlesque, pornography, and the amazing beauty of Guinevere herself".


Thursday, 18 February 2010

Brit Fashion

So the other day was the Brit Awards 2010. Time for musicians to gather, have a sing, have a drink and gather some awards, blah blah. It's never interested me too much, although i do like seeing the live performances and the fashion.

I loved the collaboration between Florence Welch and Dizzee Rascal for their rendition of 'You've got the Dirtee Love'!

I love Florence! Despite my boyfriend continually telling me she resembles a man in drag! [right: Roksanda Ilincic dress]

Alicia Keys and 'Jason Zed's' Empire State of Mind was great. I never knew her voice was so amazing and looked hot in that Balmain dress!
Lady Gaga's set was fabulous as expected! Her acoustic version of Telephone was beautiful and i loved her nod to the late Alexander McQueen in the form of a statue designed by Nick Knight featuring the to-die-for S/S 2010 McQueen scallop shoes.

Slightly looking like a wedding cake [Francesco Scognamiglio cape and Philip Treacy headpiece] and lacey stick of candyfloss [Alex Noble bodysuit and Philip Treacy mask], but she's fabulous!!! She makes music fun again.

Statue designed by Nick Knight. Look at the shoes! RIP Alexander McQueen.

On the other hand, despite my genuine liking for Lily Allen, she resembled something of a drugged up crazy cat lady who raided a dominatrix's wardrobe, and watching Cheryl Cole was just cringe worthy. I know i'm about to lose serious street cred for saying this but i love Girls Aloud, and she was great in the group, but since she's gone solo its like she's lost all her 'oomph'. Her performance was so stiff and awkward and who the hell is styling her?!

Hate Pixie Lott, cute dress though by Kate Halfpenny, I'm oddly liking this Chanel number though...well i think i am, i'm hating it all at the same time. Weird.

Images via and Youtube



Now i don't really count myself as a big fan of Elle or of the whole bohemian gypsy look, but i've fallen for this February shoot for Elle Greece.

I thinks it's just fantastic! It's definitely a contemporary take on the bohemian trend of yesteryear, but its the colours that have grabbed me. They're so rich and indulgent but at the same time they feel light and fresh.
The photos just pop, it's a great shoot. It has that kind of commercial feel about it but in this case, i still love it!


Summer Dreaming

I love these polaroid composites by Patrick Winfield.
They're just the epitome of summertime. And very Hockney-esque...


Slash - Paper Under the Knife

It always grabs my attention when people do amazing things with everyday objects. Things that seem impossible, and infact are impossible for someone who holds very little patience like myself!
So when i stumbled upon these images, i had to share!

Slash - Paper Under the Knife is an exhibition currently being held at the Museum of Art and Design in New York. Its the third instalment in their series in which traditional materials are explored and manipulated into contemporary art and design. The previous two instalments were "Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting" in 2007, and "Pricked: Extreme Embroidery" in 2009.

Slash focuses on the technique of cutting paper, through scissors, lasers, burning, shredding etc.
Having the odd obsession with paper that i do, i'd love to be able to go to this exhibition! Unfortunately my bank and my hectic university schedule say no!
Anyway check it out, it's definitely worth a gander...

Ben Cowd, Solar Topographies, 2007

Shaul Tzemach, Concretion/Conglomerate, 2005-2007


Polaroid Scarf

Cute polaroid prints on silk scarfs from Philippe Roucou.


Friday, 5 February 2010

Ahoy There

Cute bathtub!
At £2700 for the bath alone and £550 for the additional portholes, that better be champagne you're bathing in!


V Day

So its that time of year for everyone to become soppily in love.
Yes, Valentines Day is fast approaching.
I myself have no plans for the day yet, although it will be spent with my man. And although we're not really the type for extravagant, over the top displays of love i have no doubt that it will be perfect all the same :)

Im not one to publicise my inner soppiness but i hope when i get married, my engagement pictures are half as cute as theirs :)

For those who think love is overrated, theres now a box of tissues for the divorced couple. Thats just lovely.