Thursday, 11 June 2009

Lomo-Land Here I Come!

Ok, so my ebay binge is over and i'm definately steering clear of it for a while as i spent far too much! 
One thing i bought which im very exited about is a Lomo LC-A camera! It one of the ones actually made in Russia, before they moved production over to China in 2006. 
It came this morning! I cant wait to start using it! 
And to my suprise i think there's already a film in the camera! Well... it seems to let me take pictures, wind on and not let me open the back!
I'll have to see what le photographer boyfriend thinks...!

Anyway, hopefully i'll be able to take photos that look like these... :)
Check out this site to see more examples

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The Cut

Project: The Cut
Designer Inspiration: Gareth Pugh
Concept: The Wizard of Oz

Styling: Vawn Lavallee
Editing: Rebecca Blanchard

One of my favourite projects so far!
Here are some stills from our final film. Will post the film if it'll fit!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Arena Homme +

Arena Homme +. Issue: Royal Phantasmagoria

Photography: Norah
Editing: Rebecca Blanchard

Styling: Laura Brown
Art Direction: Rebecca Blanchard
Journalism: Victoria Tan
PR: Meg Shipley
Trend Specialist: Alex Dives


Centred around the theme BLACK

Model: Emmie Tondina
Photographer: Rafael Perez Evans

Monday, 8 June 2009


Aquascutum A/W 08/09 Magazine

Models: Klara Gaillis & Liam Scarlino
Photographer: Liam Saxton
Styling: Rebecca Blanchard


D&G Lookbook images

Model: Louise Linnell
Photographer: Liam Saxton


So, i'll start by posting work done in the past.
First up: Topshop 'Anti Drug' Campaign.

Model: Klara Gaillis
Photographer: Liam Saxton

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