Friday, 29 January 2010

Last Word

Dissertation was officially handed in this morning! Oh Yeah!
The last essay i will ever have to write!
Due to having a total of 6 hours sleep in the last 4 days a sleep was in order after i parted with the wretched thing.
Now? Party Party!
Tonight's plan? Get horrendously drunk, dance the night away and have one of the best nights ever!


Monday, 25 January 2010

Bring It

Up and raring to go! Bring it on Dissertation, i cant take you!
After days of feeling like utter crap about it, I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere and i can actually write enough/something worth handing in!

Plus, the man made a deal that if I wrote enough today we can go shoe shopping tomorrow! Oh yes! Like I need anymore of a reason to buy shoes!!!

My mind is now turning to friday's hand-in celebrations (despite the fact I've only written half of the required word count at the moment)!! I'm tempted to whip out my Christopher Kane for Topshop dress for the occasion but fear it may get absolutely wrecked in the slum of Tap and Tin... hmmm
(Which reminds me: plan the London celebrations tooooooo!!)
And it also means I'll have to prepare the little old legs for their first exposure in what feels like eternity! (well, more like since my last gym visit, but that doesn't count in my book)

So i'd better get off and write some more about Galliano, Margeila and Viktor&Rolf, postmodernism, capitalism and consumerism... I can see how one would be jealous of my life right now :/


Thursday, 21 January 2010

Fix Up Look Sharp

Note to Self: Send my little Lomo LC-A off to the camera doctor man in London to repair it so i can use it again!

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

My continuing failure to write my dissertation has resulted in me sentencing myself to a life in the library as of tomorrow morning.
Oddly enough, i think im actually looking forward to this...maybe its my inner book-reading geek coming out, or maybe its my desire to actually finally make some progress of this piece of hell currently consuming my life.

Either way, alarms alarms alarms. Thousands must be set to wake me up bright and early!


Smile of the Day


"I found deers in my dreams, I had the head of a deer"

Miss Rankanlover, a graphic artist from Manchester.
Her inspiration? "“I had a dream, and it was a kite flying so faraway, I found deers in my dreams, I had the head of a deer, and many colors in me, and I want it to express this.”

Mr. Hare

Buff Man Shoes. The 'Capote' Shoe, named after Truman Capote, author of Breakfast at Tiffanys.


Sunday, 3 January 2010

OMG im like, so individual!

Ok, so my 'lets get lots of uni work done' day has turned into another 'lets browse the internet and stare out the window' day!

Something came up when doing a bit of twittering that made me laugh!

It never ceases to amuse me how people genuinely believe they are 'original' and 'unique' because they like the following:

- Helvetica font
- Retro gaming - Pacman, Snes, Mario
- 'Individual' music - aka depression central
- Jeans and band t-shirts - the attire of the true individual...
- Polaroid film
- vinyl records
- moleskine notebooks
- sneering down ones noses when someone else happens to like something one likes (compromising their originality)

It's such a cliché!

And dont get me wrong, i know there are plenty of folk who genuinely do like the above mentioned things.
But im referring to those that go out of their way to make a point about being into something all in the name of being 'unique'!
It's so frustrating how people just fall straight into the trap of thinking these people are so 'individual' and cool!

Uum no dear you're just a clichéd joke.