Sunday, 3 January 2010

OMG im like, so individual!

Ok, so my 'lets get lots of uni work done' day has turned into another 'lets browse the internet and stare out the window' day!

Something came up when doing a bit of twittering that made me laugh!

It never ceases to amuse me how people genuinely believe they are 'original' and 'unique' because they like the following:

- Helvetica font
- Retro gaming - Pacman, Snes, Mario
- 'Individual' music - aka depression central
- Jeans and band t-shirts - the attire of the true individual...
- Polaroid film
- vinyl records
- moleskine notebooks
- sneering down ones noses when someone else happens to like something one likes (compromising their originality)

It's such a cliché!

And dont get me wrong, i know there are plenty of folk who genuinely do like the above mentioned things.
But im referring to those that go out of their way to make a point about being into something all in the name of being 'unique'!
It's so frustrating how people just fall straight into the trap of thinking these people are so 'individual' and cool!

Uum no dear you're just a clichéd joke.



  1. You can be a fan of Helvatica font??? OH DEAR

  2. Oh, i miss read. I thought you meant they like following, not "like the following". either way

  3. haha, i dont know! im sure theres somewhere where you can be a fan of it!