Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Web Play!

One more sleep till i'm home for the Easter break! As of 10:54 tomorrow i'll be sat on the train waving bye bye to the 'Garden of England' - (HA!).
Although, i have been doing some rooting around and i think i might be getting up super early and rushing up to London to grab myself a super bargain... i'm keeping schtum for the time being but i will spill all tomorrow!

Anyway, i've stupidly lazy this week and done sweet F.A. Feeling very guilty about it now however because ive just realised my final magazine goes to print in less than 4 weeks! God help me! Seriously need to work my butt off from now until the 8th, which is when i'm jetting off to the villa in Florida! Don't get me wrong, i know i cant afford a week of bliss, so i'll be taking the mac with me, but if i can get as much done as possible beforehand, i can enjoy the sun, the pool and relax without the stress!

Although, i say i've done nothing all week, i spent most of yesterday researching for the website im creating for Book 77 Magazine. Was looking into flash sites (i really want to incorporate flash into my site, even if its a tiny tiny part of it, but it looks so complicated!) and there are some pretty epic ones out there!
Here are some of my favourites i came across that i think are seriously worth having a look at:

1. - Really beautiful site. As a project from Azusa Mano's graphics portfolio, its simply there as a means of showing off design skills, but its such a great piece. The interactive element with the firefly, leaves falling, flowers bursting into bloom is so relaxing against the background soundtrack.

2. - I picked out this site purely on its entertainment factor! It's completely pointless, but really funny if you have couple of spare miutes. It basically features a face, made up of different parts from different peoples faces, and you simply click the facial feature to change it to the next person. You can make up a correct set of features or have fun and mess it up. It's been designed so that no matter what feature you pick from whichever person, they all blend together to appear as if it were completely normal.

3. - This is a page for Spanish musician Labuat, for the song Soy Tu Aire. The page loads and you press play. The song begins, and your mouse becomes a watercolour painting tool. As the song plays, the page is moving from right to left as you paint along to the music. At various intervals, little features pop out of your drawing, like butterflies, fish, and phtoographs. Another beautiful little touch is the way the weight of your brush becomes thinner as the music is quieter, and it becomes heavier and faster moving as the tempo increases. This is one of my favourite things ive found in a while, and i love the song too!

4. - A cool little site for a creative design studio. As you click through the adjectives for HYPE at the top of the page, just move your mouse back to their logo in the middle of the page and see what happens! Its all very clever!

5. - Magnetic North, another interactive design company. It lets you make the site your own. You draw shapes to see projects, draw a diagonal line through the shape to delete it, draw a horizontal line to see news pieces and draw a vertical line to open the search bar. Try it and see for yourself!


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