Thursday, 4 March 2010

Step up to the Pugh

Its now Paris Fashion week and the time to pull out the big names! Christian Dior, Chanel, John Galliano oh i love you!
But, i'm here to talk about dear Mr Pugh. After our love affair was ignited during a film project last year, i became somewhat obsessed! A year on, the obsession has died down but i still adore his collections. Its so interesting to have been able to follow his journey from those crazy bunny suits which generated so much hype, to his conceptual but totally wearable pieces of today. They still have that Pugh vibe to them with a very graphic edge, lots of leather and gothic nature but they're just realised in a much more accessible way.
Here's a snippet from his A/W 2010 collection shown in Paris on Tuesday.

Oh how i would die for that leather jacket!! If i was a hot shot fashion bod right now, i would totally be a Gareth Pugh girl. Black, graphic, gothic, perfect perfect perfect. I love the shapes he creates, the structure of the pieces, everything.


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