Sunday, 7 March 2010

Dapper Dan

On my daily reading session of all my favourite blogs, i came across something which really caught my eye.
The mens fashion and style blog Style Salvage occasionally features a post called 'Magazines in the Spotlight' where they discuss, analyse and offer their opinions on a new, or recently discovered magazine that is of particular interest. Usually magazines that are doing something different either in terms of their attitude, direction, overall voice, that kind of thing.

They've just done one of these posts recently about a new magazine called Dapper Dan. Now i know the title sounds a bit cheesy but never judge a book by its cover and all that! The magazine is clearly influenced by Fantastic Man aesthetically, lots of black and white, clean design, classic typography. Now i cannot commennt of the content myself, having not read it, but according to the Style Salvage men the read it wonderful, and 'varied enough to keep even the most wandering minds focused and inspired'.
From reading their review of it and looking at the images, it looks like my kind of magazine. Like Fantastic Man, it's all about the design, classic details and effortless style. I really want to go and get myself a copy but unfortunately it's only on sale in Paris apparently, but global stockists are expected soon so hopefully i wont have too long to wait! Trip to R.D Franks looks imminant!
Unless i give in and order it online from Colette!


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