Friday, 26 March 2010


I've recently seen the wonderful Florence and the Machine's new video for Dog Days Are Over. Its pretty nice to! They originally did the video in 2008, but due to what i can only put down to the success of the album (and a much bigger budget i can imagine) they've redone it.

The first video was very lo-fi and pretty simple. Shot in a woods with hand held cameras, weird woodland folk running around and Florence sparkling in the middle. This new one is almost the complete opposite to that. Its clean, VERY white, heavily styled and pristine. I quite like it, and i also like the fact that despite going with the big budget routine, they've kept some of the references from the old video. Like the crazy make up, and the presence of the odd folk and children.

Anyway, go have a gander for yourselves and see what you think!


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