Thursday, 4 March 2010

Book 77 - Issue Two!

Final Major Project -FMP- is under way now, meaning its only a matter of months till i can be officially labeled a 'Graduate'! I think i like that, but it means i'm stripped of my student status and therefore have no valid excuse to be a bum and be a wreck! Time to get a job, get my own proper place and be a grown up :( BOOO

Anyway, my FMP involves creating issue two of my fabulous Book 77 magazine that i created for the last project along with a team of fellow students. This time it's just me and Naomi working on it so its a lot more responsibility. We're co-editors, and while im focusing on all the art direction and web design, she's focusing on the fashion editing side of things.

Issue two (working title - The Flamboyant Issue) is based around a different British eccentric, one im sure you're familiar with, a Mr Quentin Crisp! So you can expect lots of quirky features, hats, scarfs, colour, flamboyancy, eccentricity and lots more craziness! I'm not going to divulge too much as of now, but i'll be posting little snippents every now and then.

The magazine is going to be launched at a live event in London in April which is majorly exciting! More info to come later when more it confirmed!


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