Saturday, 6 March 2010

Oui Oui

So, i'm back up north for a long (and much needed) weekend at home! Its so nice to see the family and just be able to chill out and have a full fridge haha! Plus it was my brothers birthday yesterday, so it was nice to celebrate it with him for the first time in 3 years seeing as ive always had uni stuff going on!
Anyway, aside from keeping up with research and what not for FMP, it's meant i can get up to date with all the goings on from fashion weeks. Some exciting collections going on in Paris, so here's just some of my favourites:


I loved how he played around with using padded up segments to represent armour almost. It was very much warrior-woman-esque and the eye makeup was fantastic! Fur hooded coat this way please!

Ooo la la, i want so much from this collection. Sexy, strong & statement, all the traits of the typical Lanvin lady. My particular favourite was the black jumpsuit. Makes me wanna chop my hair and dye it black!


A relatively new designer as far as i'm aware, feel free to correct me if i'm wrong mind you! I just found his collection really interesting. i loved his interpretation of mixing harsh leather with soft chiffons and velvet.


Aaah, Dame Viv, love of my life! Fabulous and fun for autumn/winter 10. Like a child in a dress up box who's raided their mum's makeup, it's just wonderful! I loved the layering, the colours, the cute crowns and oversized bouquets of flowers. Now i NEED the gorgeous floral dress for my summer wardrobe [centre, bottom row] !!


Well Galliano whiped it out the bag yet again for a fantastic collection for Dior. The pallete of gentle pastel colours alongside rich brown leathers was perfect. I'd quite like a pair of those cute frilly socks [right, top row] and my hair all jazzed up like that too please. Favourite look? Centre, bottom row for me!


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