Monday, 21 December 2009


Well yesterday was full of fun watching the snow fall and cover everything in its magical white blanket, while my dad moaned about not being able to drive anywhere due to rear wheel drive and blah blah...i switched off!

So today i ventured out in the snow in my very unsuitable-for-snow brogues and made my way to town to meet the boy. We enjoyed a hot toasty Starbucks and i got the official run down of hisnew iPhone :p it was all quite fun, definitely more interesting apps available than the blackberry! Theres only so excited you can get about apps that organise your calendar!
Got the Christmas shopping done too - bonus!

Sheffield looked surprisingly pretty this year with the Christmas lights! The boy snapped a quick pic on the iphone and app-ed it up as you can see below. Doesnt it looks pretty :)
Also including an updated snow collage!

Anyway, i feel i am rambling just for ramblings sake so i will leave it at that for now! I really need to start making this thing more fashiony again! I feel its beginning to loose it and become full of my blabbings!

Note to Self: Next post will be fashion!


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