Sunday, 20 December 2009

Home Time

Ok so i haven't blogged in a while what with having to pack up my life so i can come home for Christmas and getting my new BLACKBERRY STORM set up!! Im in love, its true. Its shiny and new and i've fallen for it comlpetely :)

Anyway, as i said i'm now home, back up north in snowy Sheffield! I love coming back home to my family, my amazing bed, a beautiful Christmas tree and a fully stocked fridge full of yummy food! Oh and a bunch of beautiful flowers courtesy of my wonderful father! Thank you daddy!

Still have all my christmas shopping to do on my very limited budget too which should be... interesting to say the least!

Its still snowing here so my garden looks beautiful, especially with all the squirrels and little birds playing in the trees and pecking for food :)

Well that's all for now. Just chilling and playing with the blackberry for now! Im off to meet the boy tomorrow for a nice warm Starbucks and a bit of a phone swapping session! He's just acquired an iPhone so we're now considered phone enemies :p mwahaha Should be fun!

Snowy countryside on the train home

Pretty flowers from my dad :) came wrapped in like a pink birds nest thing!

Le garden with a sprinkling of snow

Cute little bird footprints outside my bedroom window!


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