Sunday, 6 December 2009

Friday Fun (Part Deux)

The most interesting part for me was the LIVEstudio. Throughout the exhibition there has been a live studio running where the audience can go and watch live fashion shoots with big name photographers, actors, models, artists and designers. For the last few weeks of the exhibition Nick Knight has been doing his 100 Portraits project which will be shown in I-D Magazine next year to coincide with their 30th Anniversary.

This is the part where it gets good!! It turned out that one of the people Nick was shooting on Friday was my all time favourite designer and probably one who inspired me to get into fashion in the first place! DAME VIVIENNE WESTWOOD!

I was so excited! We were actually going to see her :D along with hubby Andreas Kronthale of course!

We watched the Jodie Harsh shoot first, then ballet dancer Eric Underwood, London Gallery owner Maureen Paley and designer Bernhard Willhelm. It was so interesting to see how the professionals do it all, seeing the interactions between the photographer and model, seeing all the shots pop up on the computer screen seconds later being perfectly in focus and beautiful looking. I could have stayed there for hours, and with the boy being the photographer he is, he very much agreed!

It was finally time for Viv to come in and i was so excited! She looked beautiful in her dress with her orange lock neatly tied up and her glass of champagne. Before the shoot began though, she donned a fur poncho with hood and ended up looking like a bear! Still way cute though! Her and Andreas looked so perfect together on set and it really showed through in the images Nick captured. They were happy and playful and showed real character, which is something i find so inspiring about her! Soon enough the shoot was over and it was time to say goodbye though :(

By this time we were absolutely starving, so we tootled off to Leicester Square for some food, before heading to Carnaby Street to check out their Christmas lights this year and have my first Starbucks of the year!

Here's a quick video i took of Vivienne. Check out for more :)


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