Friday, 2 July 2010


Ok lets rewind back about 2 or three weeks.

I seems to be constantly making excuses for my lack of blogging and here's the latest... I've been busy going to / being in exhibitions in London, packing up my house at uni to move back home, getting a degree and enjoying the beautiful weather! I'd say that's a pretty good excuse.

Last time i blogged i mentioned my work and I were going to be at Graduate Fashion Week. Well that was all fine and dandy and apparently my portfolio was rather popular amongst the fashion crowd which is always good to hear. Anyway, to finish that week off, it was my final year exhibition in Brick Lane. We were part of the famous Free Range exhibition which is held at the Old Truman Brewery and it proved very successful. We had our private view on the Friday and were there till the Sunday evening.

Book 77 Creators! Naomi Brown & Rebecca Blanchard (myself!)

  It was so exciting to be part of an exhibition in London, and having never been in one before, it was a completely new experience for me. It was so nice to see everyone admiring the work and being so impressed with the outcome. Book 77 was there of course and was a hit, with someone very kindly offering some marketing opportunities for us which is very exciting indeed!

Also, the man had his final year photography exhibition running at the same time too, just down the road at The Rag Factory. Some of the work on show was so impressive and seeing as they had to curate, fund-raise and produce the whole show themselves, the result was amazing and so professional! The retouching wiz that he is, his final work put his skills into practice and ended up with a series of really interesting images that you really have to (without sounding too cheesy..) get up close and personal with!

This is the Man's work. "Imitation of Life".


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