Sunday, 18 July 2010


I've been back at home for exactly 4 weeks tomorrow. My life is currently revolving around the Gym, seeing friends/boyfriend and becoming increasingly obsessed with online window shopping.
It's a sad fact but i keep having cravings for new pretty clothes!
There are two things holding me back though, 1. the fact that being a jobless bum means i will probably need all the money i can get until someone decides i'm not completely hopeless and employs me!
2. Living back with the parents for the time being means i am faced with constant excuses why i don't need that dress, those shoes or "That cost you how much?!".

The latest pieces on my wish list are two very beautiful bags, which despite being in the ASOS sale, are still waaay out of my budget, even if i wasn't facing parental complaints!
The first is this lovely Lulu Guiness Needle and Thread bag. C'est tres cute!

And the second it this sexy little tattoo print Ed Hardy bag.

(Oh well, the Ed Hardy has now sold out! Damn!)


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