Friday, 2 July 2010

Brick Lane Love

Seeing as my week living the Brick Lane lifestyle was taken up mainly by exhibitions, celebrations and special coffee and yummy bagels, there wasn't much time to check out the Sunday markets that were going on.

I really wish i could live around this area of London. The atmosphere is amazing, so laid back, welcoming and there's such a sense of community. That might make me sound like such a loser, but you just feel like you're a part of the something. I don't know, i'm just a sentimental fool!

Anyway, i couldn't wait to get back and explore all the little markets that were there. We made it a girly day out, did some shopping and had lunch. A very civilised affair indeed!

There were so many lovely stalls in the UpMarket, loads of pretty jewellery on offer, people making necklaces right before us as well as a great selection of vintage finds, although we did notice the same knitted jumper knocking around quite a few stalls... vintage? Who are you trying to kid!

I bought myself a nice little clock necklace, and decided to surprise the man with a handmade leather satchel he'd been eyeing up the week before!

I'll leave you with some photos from the day and my cravings to go back there!


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