Sunday, 25 October 2009


Oh how i wish i was back in my first year of university where work didnt matter and times were fun. Don't get me wrong, i'm loving this project! Art Direction, Typography, Photos :) But if only it didn't run alongside the dreaded Dissertation or miserable Marketing.

I really cannot make myself sit down and read a book relating to my dissertation, thus resulting in exactly zero words written & zero questions i want to answer. What began as a nice idea looking into deathliness on the catwalk as a result of Capitalism has now grown out of control and entered areas such as pseudo-events, theatricality, the spectacle, celebrity, models and Corrine Day... Im stupidly confused and unfocused. And to top it off, i have to have an introduction (3-4 pages i might add) complete by in 3 days! EEK!

Back to the subject of this magazine project, im really enjoying having almost complete freedom, but im finding it really strange that despite the freedom, im designing things which are far more restricted than i would usually. Im trying to inject some excitment into it by having a go at creating/modifying my own font. Although, i cannot seem to get my head around it. I've followed countless tutorials but it just doesnt want to happen. Seems i'll have to do what i want the complicated way!

Anyway my self-designated lunch break is over, so back to In-Design i go!

P.S Note to Self - Read a Bloody Book!

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