Tuesday, 3 August 2010

I Flicked On The Light

It has come to my attention, as well as yours, i'm sure, that my blogging efforts have definitely been going downhill as of late. In fact, they're probably so far down the hill that that's why they're not actually visible anymore.
What's worse is that i don't even have an excuse for it. Now that i'm officially a graduate, i cannot blame it on the constant busy work load, or incredible hangovers. Nor do i seem to be capable of securing a job right now, so even being a grown up is not a distraction!
I think that since leaving uni, i havn't really done much in the way of getting creative, and in turn i havn't really been on the look out for inspiring stuff, and therefore have nothing of interest to post here.
It's a shame, and i know i'm being dreary and negative here, but it seems i need my creative buddy's back!
So, determine to post something a bit more viewing-worthy, i went and found some interesting bits to post, mainly quirky design things, inspiring photographers, and magazine snippets.
So here goes, hope you enjoy!


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